Friday, September 05, 2008

Custom Gargamel Smoking Corps!

IMG_4461 400x599

This is one of the custom Gargamel figures I purchased from the show at Super 7 several weeks ago. It was painted by one of the Gargamel guys, but I really not sure which one. I think it might be Hiro, but please let me know if you know who painted it. This Smoking Corps guy is an older sculp, but one of my favorite. I would love to see more clear colorways. This particular paint application definitely has the Walder colorway going on...

IMG_4462 400x599

IMG_4466 400x599

IMG_4460 400x599

IMG_4458 400x599

1 comment:

cometdebris said...

Yeah, that was Hiro.

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