Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alex Wald x Atelier G-1 Junk Giant GARAKUTAGIGAS!!

Alex Wald Garakutagigas

Exciting news reported by Garamania today that Atelier G-1 is going to release a vinyl version of the above Junk Giant GARAKUTAGIGAS painted by Alex Wald for Kaiju Comrades 2 last year...!! Expect it hopefully for the Summer Super Festival. Congratulations Alex...! Looks great. Mecha Junky Garamon...!

Here is the news from Atelier G-1 Blog

WF does this summer, G-1 will be the first out the Orijinarusofubi.
ASTROMONSTER Series Vol. 1 "Garakutagigasu" is.Chicago-based designer design "Alex Wald (Arekkusuuorudo)" I said.I met with him yet, but not directly, after taking Makunagata sponsored exhibition was held last year has come and what had been exhibited Bibitsu illustration, it asked for permission to Makunagata Why do not you try to talk to someone to let Alex solidifies me? Why is that. He will work with many who have deep knowledge of Japanese culture and special effects monster. The relationship between my American friends with customers and team building only the prototype of the nurses received. I also have things in Tsuburaya work, I felt a tribute dedicated to the design motif and have a monster come to follow us as soon as the monster fan. G-It is also a familiar monster. When I saw the fuss is an illustration of his own blood at the venue, thinking "let me come to me if you have not made been solid yet!" Would ask this. I had heard in Futatsu返事 then acknowledge.
However, there have to do and many things were fixed schedule yet, as soon after that started last year.

The original design of soft vinyl, "Monstock" and other friends in the building several times, I have a relationship with us for many years the maker of the original series, the studio did not own like I did for some reason. This year in order to expand its range of activities would like to try new challenges.

Model is already finished, and from the United States Alex is currently nearing completion with the supervision they get the final. 4,29 "Sufesu" prototype on display at the latest summer in time for the WF Masu Hashi of soft vinyl. Alex has been received from several new sketches are determined from the story, I finished work as a teacher rather challenging model.

It comes out OK, then I can introduce Sufesu HP and this blog. We are so excited about what happens to myself, please can everyone please watch over fans warmly real monster.

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aleX wald said...

Hey Kirkland! Thanks for picking up the news on this. Hopefully Mr. Okuda will release the photos of the prototype soon. I'm deliriously excited! I can't believe how much detail he packed into the sculpt-- it's an amazing rendition of my drawings. The "Garakutagigas" is a "junk giant," a golem of garbage and industrial waste. And standing 9.5 inches tall it will have an imposing presence. Thanks to Atelier G-1, Mr. Okuda and Yo Miyamoto and of course, Mark Nagata for getting the whole thing off the ground.

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