Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is the Neo Gorilla Hype Already Fading?

NeoGorillaGT01 400x528

This morning at 7am PST, many an intrepid collector woke up to try and score the elusive Ilu Ilu x Grumble Toy ExclusiveNeo Gorilla. Apparently it was sold out in seconds. Grumble Toy being the nice Canadians they are is holding a second release at Noon today.

Looking at this figure and the $105 price tag not including shipping from Canada, I feel my wanton desires for it fading. Don't get me wrong, I still want it and will try to get one at noon. But I suspect I will fail and not feel all that bad about it.

Like everyone else, I went banonkers when pictures started showing up of this new toy from a new designer. It's fresh and what could be more awesome than a Gorilla in a military uniform with tiny tanks?

I'm afraid the hype is already fading. Why? The price is high. At $105 + shipping, this little guy is expensive. Were not talking about a large toy here. It's tiny. Like 4" inches tall. Slightly fatter than a Space Trooper. It's not Grumble Toy's fault. The Dollar sucks against the Yen, etc., etc. Toys from Japan are expensive. Some have suggested parallels to the Space Trooper craze. I believe the first ones that came in were hard to come by and probably just as expensive, but then they were easy to get and came in a ton of colors. I still love my little army. But they were half the price. At $40-$50, I would get a dozen or so of these Neo Gorillas. But I'm not sure if this will happen so with the price so high, my desire for them is fading fast.

So what to do? Pace out the releases every few months. Get the price down to $40-$50 each. Maybe less expensive packaging will help? Different heads, different arms with weapons? More tiny tanks and vehicles. I dunno, just my two cents.


Anonymous said...

Would be interesting to figure out how the increase in shipping costs play into all this. Oil prices are up the roof, thanks to all that noise in Libya, etc.;

Gabriel said...

Only 4 inches? Yow! I love the look of this guy but never realized it was so expensive or small. I'd love to pick one up, maybe if the price comes down or when people get bored and start selling them cheap in a few years.

This guy deserves to be at least 8 inches tall.

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