Thursday, October 16, 2008

UFO Catcher: Shibuya

UFO Catcher Shibuya from toybot studios on Vimeo.

I forgot to post this video of an insidious place. It's like an arcade except filled with nothing but these tortuous devices called UFO Catchers. You've seen them before at County Fairs and Carnivals and have probably been smart enough to avoid them. This place is lousy with 'em. Nothing but UFO Catchers. It's the claw game where you pump in lots of money to try and manipulate a claw to reach down and grab you prize. The interesting part is the ice cream variations. If you look at the one trying to pick up the pint of Haagen Daz, there is no way it's gonna grab it and pick it up. no way. Best to avoid this place at all costs.

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