Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tokyo Day 2, Part I: Original Fake

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I couldn't think of a crazier way to wake up in Tokyo than to head out early and try to get in on the Kaws Stormtrooper release at Original Fake. We heard about the release about a week earlier and I really had no idea what the release was going to be like and if we had any chance at all of getting one. We turn the corner and see some people, but we really had no idea...

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Super 7 / Skullbrain guys waiting in line. Brian thinks we are around 700 people behind the front.

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Not too long before they started handing out the lottery tickets, I shot this video. I seriously had no idea how long the line had extended...

The flipper mafia is getting ready...

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When things started to move, the line ended up passing in front of the store to get a lottery ticket. The ticket would have a specific day and time to come back to purchase the figure. If you were lucky and got an early time slot, you pretty much knew you were going to get one. Early time slot is good. The good news is that there were supposedly 1,000 Stormtroopers for sale that day. Not sure, but I think we saw more than 1,000 people in the video above.

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Score! I get one of the earliest time slots in our group. 1:20pm. That's only a few hours away! Some of the guys had time slots for the following evening on the next day.

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Here is Scott showing me that he is in the time slot right before mine. Bastard is always in front of me.

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So we come back a few hours later and .....SCORE!!!

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The good news is that everyone in our group that wanted one got one. I heard rumors later that they even had some left over. Not everyone bothered to come back at their time slot to pick them up. I don't know what the fuss is all about? Buying Kaws in Japan is easy!!!

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And here it is. I think it's cool and all, but as a toy, it's pretty un-remarkable. It's amazing what happens when a designer slaps "X" over the eyes and puts funny ears on things. People (including myself) go crazy!

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