Thursday, November 25, 2010

3A Bertie MK3 Pre-Order TONIGHT @ 5pm PDT

sandmk3 400x409
sandmk3.2 400x267
desertmodeB 400x290 400x289

Here are all the configurations that will be available at Bambaland Store:

Mode A= Shotgun
Mode B= Cannon

4 pack, Desert B, Deep Powder A, Merc A, JEA A. $940 usd
singles for all variants:
Desert A and B, Deep A and B, Merc A, JEA A, $250 usd
Deep Double pack A and B $500 usd
Desert Double pack A and B $500 usd
NW/DW, who knows
3AA members have 24 hours for all except NW/DW"

jeamk3 400x293
Jeamk3.2 400x360
jeamodeA 400x291 400x290

mercmk3 400x369
mercmk3.2 400x291
dutchmodeA1 400x287 400x286

powdermk3 400x306
powdermk3.2 400x256
deepmodeB 400x405 400x404

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