Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Monster Taipei Exclusive Touma Skuttle !!

IMG_3342 400x599

Thanks to Ken from One Up and the cool cats over at Monster Taipei, I was able to land this clear blue and purple Skuttle! How perfect is this guy?!! My favorite Skuttle? Maybe! Thank YOu! Monster Taipei is a retail store and toy producer! Recognize the logo? It's Heaven Boy!!

HEAVEN BOY is an angel in the heaven. Due to his naughtiness, he provoked the God and was relegated to the human world. One day, he met TINNACE, a girl who loves to play TV game. HEAVEN BOY and TINNACE soon became close friends. TINNACE felt curious about HEAVEN BOY's furry wings and shiny halo and kept on asking him. Finally HEAVEN BOY told her his story frankly. After knowing HEAVEN BOY's secret, TINNACE felt angry and cursed the God. Suddenly, God appeared and sent her to the horrible hell.

HEAVEN BOY disregarded laws in the heaven and exchange his halo with Satan for the key to hell. Satan also turned HEAVEN BOY into a skeleton. Finally, HEAVEN BOY brought TINNACE's soul back to the human world. However, TINNACE still could not wake up. HEAVEN BOY could do nothing but leave his only heart to her. And good-bye kiss

HEAVEN BOY is missing the days he had his halo. Thus, he put the dropped jaw on his head as his new halo. As he cannot get back o the heaven, HAVEN BOY can only wander in the human world.

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