Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Super 7 7th Anniversary Party Part 2: Tradefest and the Show!!

IMG_1525 400x533

Part 2 continues with more Super 7 7th Anniversary Prep, Tradefest and the Show itself!!!! B.Flynn showing off the partial archive of the Super 7 Exclusive toys. 283 total to be exact!!!!!

A sea of S7 Prototypes!!

IMG_1519 400x533

Autopsy busts out two of his latest customs.

IMG_1522 400x533

Under glass: new S7 Stomp!! New hooded Zombie!!!

IMG_1523 400x533

IMG_1524 400x533

I love this painting. Check it....Gargamel Header Cards!!!

IMG_1526 400x533

IMG_1530 400x299

Stealthtank chilling with Koji and Kiyoka...

IMG_1533 400x533

Glenn and Karen were soooo cool to reserve this area off in the Bar/lounge across the street. They were totally cool about Tradefest too!!

IMG_1536 400x299

IMG_1537 400x533

IMG_1538 400x533

IMG_1540 400x533

Here's one of my trades. I got this custom Gargadeath in Salaryman's outfit from Gatchabert.

IMG_1544 400x533

IMG_1545 400x533

Sadly, neither Koji, Kiyoka or Pushead brought any tradebait with them!

IMG_1546 400x533

IMG_1550 400x299

IMG_1551 400x299

IMG_1552 400x299

IMG_1553 400x299

IMG_1554 400x533

The hardcore front of the line...

IMG_1557 400x533

Jesse Hernandez...

IMG_1558 400x533

S7 OG: Shibby, Locomoto, Locomoco

IMG_1559 400x299

Havingmysay is actually not harshing on n00bs Aaron and Shannon.

IMG_1561 400x533

S7 Saturday Regulars: Joe, Ben, Stealthtank and Autopsy

IMG_1562 400x533

Mahi is ready to drop a grip...

IMG_1563 400x299

Longest line in S7 show history...

IMG_1571 400x299

The place was PACKED...!

IMG_1579 400x299

gotta get a breather....to smoke..!

IMG_1582 400x533

IMG_1584 400x533

t0fu shows off his Leecifer custom Visighost from the Lucky Bag. Awesome..!

IMG_1587 400x533

Il Muffino shows off his custom Visighost...!

IMG_1588 400x533

Kiyoka likes the suited Gargadeath..!! Hmmmm, maybe going production?

IMG_1589 400x533

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