Sunday, June 01, 2008

Super 7 Saturday....

IMG_1334 400x533

Made it over to Super7 on Saturday. Little birdy told me there was gonna be some RealxHead dropping. A few of the local BASK guys showed up and it was quite the party...

Aaron and Shannon are sooooo stoked the pink mini Akro and blue Mutant Head arrived!!

IMG_1322 400x533

Hiro looking pretty good with his J-Pop Hairdoo. I want hair like that...

IMG_1321 400x533

Bert busting out with the gold Cyclomanion...

IMG_1325 400x533

Manuel smiling from ear to ear with his latest RxH pick-ups. Soon to be seen on Trade Bait for ultra-rare, older RxH.

IMG_1340 400x533

The store's new mascot, Mummy Boy is pretty cool in-hand. Larger than you think...

IMG_1332 400x533

IMG_1335 400x533

Shannon scores the very last Toxic Chaosman

IMG_1323 400x533

Everyone was picking up their Le Merde booty as well...

IMG_1342 400x533

IMG_1344 400x533

IMG_1345 400x533

What? Still more of these Bagman? Where are all the die-hard Secret Base collectors?

IMG_1329 400x533

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