Thursday, May 29, 2008

Le Merde x Cometdebris !!!

2530437817_cba3d44405_b 400x533

Following up on the smash success of the recent Le Merde show at Super 7, Comet Debris just released a very limited set of custom Le Merde figures today. Many a broken heart is in the works as demand will far outstrip supply of these amazing figures.

2531258336_57ccce4830_b 400x533

2531240614_7fe389b543_b 400x533

2530439811_7ece176939_b 400x533

2530426793_fec89b191c_b 400x533

2530433929_2b237d0da4_b 400x641

2531259848_22b3c8fb11_b 400x533

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