Thursday, May 15, 2008

Itokin Park's New Figure: Carrot Orange!!!!

IMGP6852 400x533

Check out this new figure from Itokin Park. It's called "Carrot Orange" but it looks more like a Bunny Pilot!!?? Lol.... i'm digging this guy in a big way. I'm usually not really into the whole cutesy toys, but for some reason Itokin Park seems to have bit of an edge around them. I can't describe it. I'd love to see Itokin Park do this sculp in clears as well!! Then do a whole series of customs like he did on the Mikazukins!!

Anyways, this guy will be released at the before mentioned One Up FES on May 17th. It sounds like a good day to be in Japan!!

IMGP6846 400x400

IMGP6851 400x400

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