Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New BLObPUS Andagon GEM version!!!

andagonp1if7 400x400

BLObPUS released pics of a new head and arm sculp based on the Diablo body. Looks like one of the deep sea Angler fish with the luminescent light bulb. I dig the colorway of course. I would like to see the sculp in person.

Here it is in the clear amber colorway...

1aaa59722545207e64d3967435a59a08 400x300

BLObPUS teaming up with Vinyl Junkies in more ways than one!

49b277623ef2f49df619d95cdeaf58a1 400x300

A bit late, but I think this hot pink Diablo is the best colorway yet...

5a51af6ecdc3b6026ca88a83db6fe74a 400x300

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