Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Max Toy Co. x Carlos Enriquez: Eyezon!!!

13 400x541

Check out this extremely limited edition Max Toy Co Eyezon painted by the master Carlos Enriquez.

From Max Toy Co:

I have collaborated with fellow Kaiju artist and friend, Carlos Enriquez Gonzalez who has hand painted only 10 Kaiju Eyezons !!! Yes, 10 ! By far this will be the most limited series of Eyezon to be offered. Carlos has used very expensive paints that contain special glitter and ingredients that when viewed in the Sun or bright light will yield some really amazing colors ! I'm sorry there's no way to photograph these to show the amazing colors you will see ! .. but trust me the paint will blow you away. Carlos has been making quite a name for himself in the Fine Art world of late and has a solo show coming at years end in Florida. His original sculptures cost thousands of dollars in his gallery and sell out quickly.

I'm digging this guy big time.

14 400x345

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