Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Metal Steven the Bat by Fully Visual!!

IMG_3056 400x599

Just got my Full Metal Steven the Bat from Fully Visual and I gotta say that this little dude of one of my favorite little figures right now. It's metal, heavy and very intricate in it's design and details. Absolutely beautiful!! I can't believe these are still available!! If you dare call yourself a fan of Bwana Spoons, you need to get this now!!

IMG_3065 400x599

IMG_3058 400x599

IMG_3073 400x599

IMG_3072 400x599

IMG_3059 400x599

IMG_3062 400x599

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

there are more releases at fullyvisual. this month is Frank Kozik limited to 99 silver and 1 gold chaser. price is a bit more, but the weight is much more metal. All fullyvisual items are distributed through http://www.theartliberation.com

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