Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuner Fest and Trade Snooze Last Saturday....

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Last Saturday some of the BASK guys got together at Super7 to check out the Tuner Cars on display for Asian Heritage Week in Japantown, get the VooDoo Bagman, pick up some RxH, and supposedly have a Trade Fest...

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Some of the cars were cool. very clean. Some didn't belong there at all. Nothing nuts like Fast and Furious or Tokyo Drift type cars.

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IMG_1317 400x533

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Then we were supposed to have Trade Fest. The only problem is that nobody except me and Iron Horse brought anything to trade. Since I have most of the RxH he brought (and he brought a lot), and he doesn't flip....err...I mean collect anything besides RxH, it was like one hand clapping....

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