Sunday, May 18, 2008

New 1/200 HCM Pro Tieren Space Type Set Preview!!

TOY-GDM-0120 400x375

Right about the time that i'm done with HCM Pro, this interesting mech design pops up. Tieren Space Commander Type Set. I'm now going to admit that i'm not familiar with the Anime that spawned this robot so please chime in and educate this This design has a very clunky, industrial, retro vibe to it which is refreshing. You gotta dig them huge canisters as knee caps!!! Should be arriving this month for around $40.00. I'm afraid my criticism of HCM Pro in general still stands in that many of the toys feel like fragile models.

TOY-GDM-0120_01 400x331

TOY-GDM-0120_02 400x510

TOY-GDM-0120_03 400x207

TOY-GDM-0120_04 400x224


Philip Shade said...

It's form the lateset Gundam series Gundam 00. You can be excused for not knowing about it, because it hasn't been released yet!

There are a bunch of cool new suits from the series. I use Gunota Headlines to keep up.

toybot studios said...

Thanks Philip! I knew one of you guys would know the answer lickity split!!

You Gunota Guntaku's are a hardcore bunch!!! Lol.......

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