Thursday, May 01, 2008

Ningyoushi Exclusive Dream Rocket Balbagon!!

IMG_2989 400x599

Ningyoushi is coming to the table with yet another exclusive set!! This time with monster masher Dream Rocket and this set of awesome Balbagons!!! The first version is a neon pink with a very subtle and beautiful purple spray hand painted by Yajima-san from Dream Rockets. The second version is crystal clear stealth-mode vinyl. Both are sure to please the monster dino collector in your household. Both exclusive versions will be released tomorrow, Friday, May 2nd at noon. $80 for the clear and $90 for the neon pink versions. Get 'em while they last because they are limited edition exclusives to Ningyoushi.

IMG_3002 400x599

IMG_3008 400x599

IMG_2997 400x599

IMG_3005 400x599

IMG_2999 400x599

IMG_3007 400x599

IMG_3001 400x599

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