Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekend in LA Part 1 of 3: Peter Gronquist @ Gallery 1988: Firearms and Fashion

CIMG0233 400x533

I spent the weekend in LA with family but did manage to get away one night and one morning to hang out with LASK. Contrary to all the trash talking, I was treated like Krew... Carl, Pete, Scott and the rest of LASK were extremely gracious hosts to the BASK invader...

Missed the Murakami show, but met up with Carl and Pete at the The Revolution will be Fabulous show by Peter Gronquist held at Gallery 1988. Fashion and firearms....great combination!!! Only in LA on Melrose Ave. would this show make perfect sense...

CIMG0234 400x533

CIMG0231 400x299

CIMG0232 400x533

CIMG0229 400x299

CIMG0228 400x533

CIMG0227 400x533

CIMG0224 400x299

CIMG0222 400x299

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CIMG0218 400x533

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CIMG0215 400x299

CIMG0214 400x299

CIMG0213 400x299

CIMG0212 400x299

CIMG0211 400x299

CIMG0209 400x533

CIMG0208 400x299

CIMG0207 400x299

CIMG0206 400x299

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CIMG0204 400x299

CIMG0202 400x299

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Sean said...

I *need* that Burberry AK.

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