Monday, May 19, 2008

Let's Get Turdical Show at Super 7!!

IMG_1283 400x533

Better late than never is what I say. I missed the big Le Merde show "Let's Get Turdical" a couple of weeks ago at Super7 cause I was doing the LASK thing in LA. I finally got a chance to check out all the Turdical glory for myself recently and man am I bummed that I missed the show cause there are a couple of pieces that should be on my shelf!!! More Le Merde than you can shake a fist at and all SOLD OUT!!! Guest artist Comet Debris got into the Turdical act with several radical Le Merde customs of his own. Awesome job guys!!

IMG_1273 400x533

IMG_1301 400x299

IMG_1284 400x299

IMG_1299 400x533

IMG_1295 400x299

IMG_1293 400x299

IMG_1292 400x299

IMG_1290 400x533

IMG_1287 400x533

IMG_1286 400x533

IMG_1281 400x533

IMG_1280 400x533

IMG_1279 400x533

IMG_1278 400x533

IMG_1277 400x533

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