Friday, May 23, 2008

Kustom Kaiju from Dead Presidents!!!

Picture305 400x520

Every once in a while, we get western toy customizers who venture over to the dark side and wanna lend their skills to customizing Japanese vinyl. Some can make the transition, some cannot. In this particular case, we have a auto and motorcycle custom painter and pin striper who paints western platform toys and is now trying his hand with Japanese vinyl. Some of the guys like it, some do not. I personally think it kicks ass. Cronic is a skilled artist and his pin-striped Deathras are some of the most highly coveted pieces of vinyl on earth. Although Cronic is pin striping his own toys and that in itself makes them extremely valuable, he is mimicking pin stripers like Dead Presidents at the end of the day. So when a automotive pin-striper like Dead Presidents give a Deathra a spin, the results are interesting and amazing IMHO...

Picture307 400x549

Picture315 400x486

Picture317 400x506

chaos-web-front 400x462

pharoh-web-back 400x675

2480991333_50ecc2f244_o 400x533

2481752072_3716a8972c_o 400x299

toyflyer 400x258

Pictures courtesy of Dead Presidents and L'amour Supreme!!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree. These KICK ASS!! Can't wait to see more.

Dead Presidents Designs Rules!!

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