Friday, May 09, 2008

Weekend in LA Part 3 of 3: Collection de Muuuuutoooonnnn!!

CIMG0258 400x533

After the Gronquist show, Carl was kind enough give me a tour of his home and massive toy collection. I am in awe. Pretty much his entire house is covered in toys or boxes of toys. Every surface area seemed to be jammed pack with toys. What I saw was scary enough, but Carl said that a good portion of his collection wasn't even visible and in boxes!!! And you thought you had a Thanks Carl!!!

Front Room:

CIMG0275 400x299

CIMG0240 400x299

CIMG0274 400x299

CIMG0237 400x533

CIMG0243 400x533

CIMG0239 400x533

CIMG0260 400x533

CIMG0261 400x371

CIMG0268 400x533

CIMG0262 400x533

CIMG0269 400x299

One of the bedrooms serves as a dedicated toy room. Essentially all four walls are covered with shelving for toys. So many toys and boxes of toys, that it was hard to move around. I was in heaven.

CIMG0255 400x299

CIMG0254 400x533

CIMG0253 400x533

CIMG0252 400x299

CIMG0250 400x533

CIMG0244 400x533

CIMG0246 400x299

CIMG0259 400x533


Anonymous said...

That is ridiculous.

Great trip photos.. I think his house is better than VTN!

Anonymous said...


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