Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hot Toys Snap Kits: Appleseed Ex-Machina!!!

2451323403_01fa53768b 400x391

When I first spied these on Andy's ToysREvil blog, I got very excited. Not only were we going to see some affordable Ex-Machina action figures, but my wait is finally over for a toy Landmate!! I think the armored mech suits that our protagonists fly around in are some of the best mech designs out there!! But in order to assemble the Landmate, you have to buy several of the regular figures as only a piece of the Landmate is contained in each box. Bummer, but not that biggie as I pre-ordered a case anyways. I am a bit wary on the "Snap Kits" title as to me that means a model ala Bandai Gundam model kits. Which means fragile and takes time to put together. I hope this is not the case. Anyways, I stole some of these pics from ToysREvil cause Andy made them look all pretty. Thanks Man!! Should be out Q3 2008.

2451323393_d71e3d1206 400x251

AEM_SnapKits9 400x533

AEM_SnapKits10 400x533

AEM_SnapKits11 400x533

AEM_SnapKits12 400x533

AEM_SnapKits8 400x533

AEM_SnapKits13 400x533

AEM_SnapKits1 400x533

AEM_SnapKits3 400x533

SK_TEREUS 400x416

SK_RHOTEUS 400x396

SK_AEACUS 400x516

SK_GEAR 400x204

2451323391_ce982d80f3 400x266


Anonymous said...

Do you know of anyone locally (SF Bay Area) who will have these for sale? They look awesome!!!

toybot studios said...

not sure of anyone locally...but I ordered mine from

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