Thursday, May 08, 2008

Weekend in LA Part 2 of 3: Vinyl Toys Network Show in Pasadena!!!

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The VTN Show has become a bit of an annual thing for me. It just happens to land on the same sunday as our May visit to So Cal to celebrate my mom and daughter's birthdays. Very convenient for me. So in one weekend, I get to see my family, celebrate my mom and daughter's birthdays, hang out with LASK and check out VTN!! Win/Win for everyone! Woot!! VTN was fun. The room was bigger this year thank god, but it's really mainly a western toy show. I'm not completely opposed to that, but I wish there was more Japanese toys. Super 7 didn't make it due to a conflict with the Le Merde show. A couple of cool exclusives to be had, but nothing earth-shattering.

Cameron Tiede showed off his new resin figure. It's pretty big and heavy, but kinda cool....

CIMG0328 400x533

CIMG0310 400x299

These new mini figures from Kathie Olivas look promising....

CIMG0312 400x299

Munky King with Thomas Han's new Pushers.

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This pink version is limited to 25.

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CIMG0291 400x533

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Luke from Lulubell Toys tripping out with Amanda Visell...

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Speaking of which, one of the show exclusives is this underwater giraffe. handpainted resin by Amanda Visell. Came with a mini print. Limited to 25 pieces. Very nice....

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My homie Robert De Castro pimping his new Combat R Zeros!!! You gotta get a set from Atomic Mushroom

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CIMG0324 400x533

CIMG0323 400x533

Check out this sneak peek at a new mech from the Combat-R Zero line up!! I'm digging the mohawk and the tank treads....

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Carl with his one-off Super 7 Fan Club shirt...

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LASK in the house!! Luke, Havingmysay and Ouister

CIMG0327 400x533

I was impressed with the LASK showing!! Ribbon Controller, Plastic Hunter...all in full effect!!

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Coasterbear hanging with Huck Gee

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This was a little lame...Secret Base figures thrown in a box on the a garage sale! yet the price was still retail?!

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