Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mad Barbarians Kikaida Tribute!!!

IMG_3119 400x599

I think the most interesting pick-up this weekend would have to be this Mad Barbarians Kikaida tribute. I have not been a fan of this sculpt at all until this colorway. I also don't think i've ever held this sculp in my hand before. Aside from the massive pompadour, the figure looks a bit smaller than most RealxHead figures. the level of detail in this sculp is quite amazing...stitches, lightning bolts, skulls, studded!! I actually quite fond of this sculp now and hoping there will be some clears getting released soon. It's nice cause I was afraid that I didn't like any of the new sculps coming out of RealxHead.

IMG_3122 400x599

IMG_3125 400x599

IMG_3127 400x599

IMG_3128 400x599

IMG_3120 400x599

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