Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mega House Variable Action Mospeada Ride Armor Lancer Preview!!

TOY-RBT-0317_01 400x601

The third Ride Armor in the Mega House Variable Action series is set to arrive soon. This time it's Lancer with a very nice blue colorway. He's also got a couple of noticable and interesting weapons at his disposal including these crazy retractable blades on his arms....yikes! i'm also digging the hatches that open on the chest for the missle volleys!! Pre-Order now. Arrives 3rd Qtr 2008 for around $60.00 at BigBadToyStore

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TOY-RBT-0317_02 400x546

TOY-RBT-0317_03 400x601

TOY-RBT-0317_05 400x601

TOY-RBT-0317_06 400x601

TOY-RBT-0317_08 400x265

I also like the bike design a bit more too.... notice the single exhaust?

TOY-RBT-0317_09 400x265

TOY-RBT-0317_10 400x265

TOY-RBT-0317_07 400x265

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