Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fewture EX-Gokin Boss Borot!!!

IMG_3177 400x599

Finally lugged these guys out of their boxes to take some shots. Love 'em. Chunky, heavy, die-cast with a retro, junkyard vibe going on. Designed and sculpted by the late, great Taku "Professor Robo" Sato, this figure is truly a work of art. I liked it so much, I had to get this toy in both colorways. As you can see, the detail is beyond amazing. Look at the three pilots!! check out the tiny fire extinguisher!!??

IMG_3162 400x599

IMG_3192 400x599

IMG_3155 400x599

IMG_3190 400x599

IMG_3150 400x599

IMG_3187 400x599

IMG_3147 400x599

IMG_3144 400x599

IMG_3184 400x599

IMG_3173 400x599

IMG_3182 400x599

IMG_3197 400x599


Anonymous said...

Am i right in understanding these are 16 inches tall?

toybot studios said...

no, no. that would be huge.... they are even less than 12 inches tall. I would say around 10 inches

Anonymous said...

Yeah i did a bit of research and found they were 9.5 inches tall.
They are selling the silver version at big bad toy store for 130 bucks, i think i'm going to pick one up. Thanks a lot for the heads up on this.

toybot studios said...

that is such a screaming deal. i paid double that. when they went on sale at BBTS, I had just ordered the silver one as well....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i felt that way when i saw it too.....and not even from a collectors standpoint thinking about the resale value but....in terms of appreciative value....to have something thats die cast and that well crafted for that price almost seems immoral lol. I think this figure will look great next to Bertie.

krakit said...

Awesome photos of some awesome toys!
Big Bad Toy Store is sold out of these :(

getterget said...

Just want to point out that this Ex Gokin Boss Borot is actually not designed and sculpted by the late Professor Sato. You can refer to the names of designers and sculptors on Artstorm's official page here: http://artstorm.co.jp/exgokin_bossborot.html

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