Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Touma Custom TuDo Show at Fewmany!!!

33a_500 400x407

Kicking off a new sculp that will go production in July, Touma custom painted 50 of his new TuDo figures each with different horns and noses. The bad news is that I missed out on every single one I was willing to shell out $200 for. The good news is that I saved $200 I didn't really have to spend. Pictures courtesy of Fewmany Blog.

480_320a 400x266

photo01 (2) 400x400

25a_500 400x418

photo03 400x400

13a_500 400x414

photo05 400x400

27a_500 400x382

photo04 400x400

18a_500 400x477

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35a_500 400x346

photo02 400x400

01a_500 400x414

f0010033_19395756 400x299

f0010033_1940976 400x299

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky i missed that too, i would have overspent myself for sure...I'm trying to save money to spend on kaijin anyways :D

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