Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Charatics King Walder Set!!

IMG_3651 400x599

Charatics has been making this neat little King Walder set for a while now. I have almost all of the sets and I have to say that I think this one is the coolest colorway. The set itself is beyond awesome. I'd love to see Charatics do more crazy, off-the-wall colorways especially clears....

IMG_3615 400x599

IMG_3622 400x599

IMG_3626 400x599

IMG_3627 400x599

IMG_3635 400x599

IMG_3628 400x599

IMG_3636 400x599

IMG_3638 400x599

IMG_3640 400x599

IMG_3642 400x599

IMG_3648 400x599

IMG_3645 400x599

1 comment:

bza said...

very very cool set, especially the GID guts and colorways are the best i've seen. this set changed my perception of designer toys. BIG UPPS TO CHARACTICs, nice pics too!
pce b

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