Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Super 7 7th Anniversary Party Part 3: The Toys Byatch!!!

IMG_1595 400x533

We begin with some of the Zags for the Custom Zag contest.

IMG_1596 400x533

IMG_1597 400x533

IMG_1599 400x533

IMG_1600 400x533

Redhanded's amazing metallic zag.

IMG_1601 400x533

Mangakaben Astro Mu on the right.

IMG_1603 400x533

Redhanded stars and stripes

IMG_1609 400x533

Bob Conge Electric Jujube

IMG_1614 400x533

Video showing the strobe LEDs. Yes, i'm lame because I don't know how to hold my camera. Sorry!!

IMG_1616 400x533

IMG_1618 400x533

IMG_1619 400x533

IMG_1620 400x533

oh, man. custom Finkshit...! Won by silent auction.

IMG_1627 400x533

Mazinger Z Gatcha Mecha?? Was on the top of my list...

IMG_1630 400x533

IMG_1632 400x533

IMG_1636 400x299

Everyone is ga-ga over these camo mini zags...

IMG_1638 400x533

These guys are really amazing... very detailed...

IMG_1640 400x533

Zag Racer...

IMG_1641 400x533

Ghostland customs..

IMG_1642 400x299

Custom Mummy Boy?!

IMG_1643 400x533

IMG_1644 400x533

IMG_1645 400x299

Love the pink Tokoji Seijin

IMG_1646 400x299

IMG_1647 400x299

IMG_1648 400x299

IMG_1649 400x299

IMG_1650 400x533

This smashed face hedoran was probably the hit of the show.

IMG_1651 400x533

Partridge Family Dragamels

IMG_1653 400x533

IMG_1654 400x299

Ugh, this Tokoji Seijin was on the very top of my want list.

IMG_1659 400x533

But you cannot deny the Ojo Rojo....!

IMG_1662 400x533

Booska Tokoji Seijin

IMG_1666 400x533


IMG_1667 400x533

Next Stomp

IMG_1669 400x533

Unpainted Mummy Boy

IMG_1670 400x533

Well, that's it!! Happy Anniversary Super 7!!!! Thank you Gargamel!! Thank You Kiyoka and Koji..!!! Looking forward to SDCC!!!


````````` said...

Thanks for the shots/coverage man. ALmost like being there. Great for us guys O.S that couldnt be there.

toybot studios said...

hey thanks ants!! Glad you like the pics. It was indeed a great event, crowded and hot as hell, but the Gargamel customs and S7 goodness made it a night to remember. thanks for reading!

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