Friday, December 03, 2010

Gargamel Exclusives for Rotofugi Show...!

all I have to say about these exclusives is that nothing is better than toys in clear purple vinyl.

Exclusive Gargamel releases for this exhibit are Pocket Oozebat, Pocket Zagoran and Pocket Angel Bird in unpainted clear purple vinyl, Crouching Miborah (debut) in unpainted light blue vinyl and a full size Zagoran in light blue vinyl with purple accents. Exclusives will be limit one per customer during the opening reception.

Preview of some of the Gargamel customs for the show.
Gargamel for Rotofugi show

Gargamel for Rotofugi show

Gargamel for Rotofugi show


rotokirby said...

You coming out Kirkland?

toybot studios said...

Hi Kirby...

oh man... wish I could. Luckily Minh is going to mule for me. Looking forward to checking out the customs...!!

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