Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BLObPUS x Yamomark Blind Bags..!

BLObPUS Blind Bag at Lulubell
BLObPUS Blind Bag at Lulubell

Happy Hump Day friends!

Just a quick heads up to tell you that Yamomark x Blobpus are at it again with 2 new blind bagged 9" figures: Zariking (lobster monster) & Birabiran (flower/plant monster). They are both done on GID vinyl with a variety of sprays (more varieties than shown in the pictures will be in the blind bags we are told).

He usually keeps the details a surprise, but my best GUESS is it will be similar to the last series. (2 varients shown + several one-offs in the bags was what ended up being in the last release!)

Both are up for grabs as pre-orders now on the home page. (these pictures don't do them justice - these were truly AMAZING last time!)

Zariking GID Blind Bag

Birabiran GID Blindbag

Happy holidays!
Amy Del Castillo
Toy Temptress

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