Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Been There: Real x Head x Lil Japan: Art of the Rising Sons Show at Super 7!!

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wow, this last Saturday was the much anticipated RealxHead x Lil Japan toy and art show at Super7. We have been waiting months and months for this show and although Mori from RealxHead could not attend and none of his older, custom or one-off figures were for sale, the event still attracted collectors and Skullbrainers from literally around the world! Thanks to Darth Hank and Logang for the RxH pictures as mine sucked....

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I will say upfront that this was one of the best toy and art shows I have ever attended. The atmosphere was electric! There were several surprises including the release of the Suepr 7 Mook and an all new figure from Super 7. Of course the main headline was the RealxHead collection and Lil Japan (aka Hiro Hayashi) illustrations and custom RealxHead figures in a striking red and black colorway.

Let us in!!

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anticipation building...

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IMG_0345 400x299

IMG_0346 400x299

Hiro's artwork and customs

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IMG_0368 400x533

IMG_0367 400x533

IMG_0369 400x533

IMG_0366 400x533

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IMG_0371 400x533

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New RxH Bero Bero figure for pre-order

IMG_0382 400x533

Rick, Scott and Richard (Blashyrkh, Havingmysay, Ikkashinju)

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LASK in the house!!

IMG_0389 400x533

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Darth Hank and Fiance made it to the show courtesy of Hank's ultra rad dad!

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2099820766_4858a971fe 400x533

OG Hank and Jeremy (Shibby and Lokash)

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2099041891_034e4578c9 400x533

Scott and Jeff (Stealthtank and Rhinomilk)

IMG_0358 400x533

2099821452_89227ce8c1 400x533

Scott, Joe Bunny and Karen

IMG_0362 400x533

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Uberboy wearing one of his exclusive hand-made shirts. Someone send this to Hypebeast!

IMG_0361 400x533

One of the best RxH figures I will never own. UNLESS Mori decides to make it production!!!!

2098152363_67bf59a986 400x533

The best production toy you could buy there? This show exclusive Chaos....what's up?

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Best deal of the night? Hiro's RxH T-Shirt and Print combo for $60.

IMG_0395 400x299

Hiro's lady approves...

IMG_0381 400x533


IMG_0376 400x533

The other rad score of the evening: RxH Shirt...

IMG_0354 400x299

Darth Hank doing his Billy Idol and welcoming the newest Super 7 toy lackey, Alex (Bannedindc)

IMG_0379 400x533

Must get to S7 to take better RxH pictures.....

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2099822388_bb555531e5 400x299

2099822094_81735074fd 400x299

2099821954_2e1e81f11c 400x299

2099043237_ec35f9d781 400x299

2099045337_80aae82c9f 400x299

2099045037_caf17c40b1 400x299

2099044897_6d0db94be1 400x299

2099044183_6f8fe61f41 400x299

2099043871_a5ec0d5274 400x299

2099043697_3634c62bd1 400x299

2099043531_2f7b99ec9b 400x299

2099044357_f806fe6380 400x299

Mangakaben, Setyourgoals with lady and Havingmysay

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IMG_0399 400x299

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