Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Lovely Art of L'amour Supreme!!!

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L'amour Supreme is an amazing artist out of NYC who I encountered on Skullbrain as he started posting pictures of his Kaiju-related artwork. Because he using plexiglass as a medium, painting on both sides, his artwork has a 3-D quality that is unbelievable. Last month, Lamour was featured in a cool article in Razor Apple which is a blog about New York City. Here's an excerpt:

Lamour: Toys have always been a big influence but the last couple of years, it’s strictly been Japanese vinyl toys known as Kaiju. Everything from the old school kaiju like Godzilla to the new school kaiju like RealxHead and Gargamel. A store that specializes in Kaiju in SF called Super 7 has a message board that all types of kaiju lovers can sink their teeth into. I also have been trying to tattoo lately. I bought a kit on ebay, ha ha. My friend Seth who owns Funhouse Tattoos in San Diego has been giving me some pointers over the phone and email. He also said that I should never mention his name if anyone asks where I learned the trade. No one out here wants to apprentice me part time because every shop I go to says that I can’t do this thing part time, that it’s a lifestyle. I can definitely see that. So right now it’s just a hobby messing around on fake skin. Maybe someday.

221473552_e1e115dea7_b 400x299

RA: What are you working on these days?

Lamour: I’m so busy that I don’t know where to begin. I’ve got an upcoming Super 7 Art show in the spring that I’m working on. About a dozen collaborations with other artists. Some paintings to do for Mishka clothing label in their new retail space. I also have a limited edition print, shirt and 2 figure set coming out with the Japanese toy company Real X Head. The prints going to be plexi. 1 color, probably black outline on the front. I will then airbrush the colors on the back. Only 20 sets available. I’m really psyched about this as I’ve been a fan of RxH a while now.

Mori of RealxHead with Lamour's Chaos artwork. How cool is that?

490531194_976e5532a1_b 400x299

221473550_c9dfb2a286_b 400x533

Bemon destroys all!!!

248755689_02c492b48d_b 400x533

248755692_f8a430b9bd_b 400x533

295414090_f3b56a3997_b 400x657

Love to the Madball!!!

318664114_b118513d51 400x533

Smogun with the comic book pages in back....too cool...

380160241_6605c44c1f 400x527

477203943_2c09726354_o 400x599

Gargamel Chamberlain pulling all the strings ....

495889975_e67bb9c58a_b 400x591

495889967_ff395ba1e3_o 400x599

847988092_a3ba974832 400x533

854181321_7bf1c891b4 400x533

skull-lamour-supreme 400x276

Shit, sign me up for any of your artwork, collaborations. I'd love to see L'amour's art get the 3D toy treatment too...

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