Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Instinctoy Liquid Inc. Bears!!

5th-blue-inc-01 400x564

I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on one of thes crazy "Inc." Bears from Instinctoy. Designed by Hiroto Ohkubo, this bear is made up of liquid ink and leaves his footprints where ever he goes! This beautiful clear blue version is a super limited exclusive with Project 1/6 which is the Medicom retail store. Due out in December...

inc-5th-deepseawater-2 400x240

5th-liquid-noel-05 400x487

gotta love the GID action...

5th-blue-inc-07 400x574

Wonderful details

5th-blue-inc-04 400x537

Wanna get your Inc. on now? You might be able to order this MAZIORA ANDROMEDA version from the Instinctoy Webstore for 9,800 yen available now. Actually I have no idea if they ship overseas, but worth a try! Tempted to thrown down on this guy myself....must resist.

blogtop-mj-inc-final 400x240

inc-mj-top 400x540

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