Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kaiju Zoo Custom Billiken Mecha Godzilla '75!!

15front 400x533

Wow! John from Kaiju Zoo has outdone himself with this amazing custom Billiken '75 Mecha Godzilla. From his site:

Billiken first released its vinyl kit of the MechaGodzilla 2 in 2000. The kit is very highly regarded by kaiju collectors as one of the most realistic depictions
of this most-stalwart Godzilla enemy.

With this commission, I wanted to reproduce the rustic-looking weather and battle damaged condition of MechaGodzilla. I also wanted to give an impression of the iridescent shimmering effects of the "space titanium" used by the Black Hole aliens and Dr. Mafune to construct MechaGodzilla.

To achieve the desired MechaGodzilla look, I mixed and then applied different blends of standard and antique metallic silver (handpainting all the rivets and joint bands) followed by using very light sprays of blue and lilac
"color-shifting" translucent paints.

16lf 400x536

14rf 400x533

13rear 400x509

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Anonymous said...

Interesting Information on Godzilla which is a huge monster which impressed all. I am having a huge collection of Godzilla toys of all kinds.

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