Monday, November 24, 2008

Martin and Skinner: "Our Salvation is Your Fiery Death" Show at Super 7!!

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Saturday was the Martin and Skinner "Our Salvation is Your Fiery Death" Show at Super7. That's a scary title for a crazy show with some amazing artwork. From what I could gather from those in the know, it seems like both Skinner and Martin have evolved their artwork to be more complex and detailed. The theme of the show seemed to be monsters in ancient battles ready to deliver your fiery death. The turn out was a healthy mix of low brow hipsters and the toy nerds. Martin Ontiveros popular Ojo Rojo by Gargamel was re-incarnated on Saturday with a new Zombie head cast in clear glitter grey vinyl. Good times had by all with a bit of something for everyone....

IMG_1594 400x299

IMG_1624 400x533

IMG_1598 400x533

IMG_1593 400x533

IMG_1600 400x533

IMG_1601 400x533

IMG_1602 400x533

IMG_1603 400x299

IMG_1604 400x299

IMG_1605 400x299

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IMG_1608 400x533

IMG_1609 400x533

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IMG_1616 400x533

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Martin and Skinner Show from toybot studios on Vimeo.

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