Friday, November 14, 2008

Usugrow vs. Usugrow

IMG_4927 400x599

Since i'm too poor to own any original Usugrow artwork, I purchase his toys, t-shirts and hoodies. Today we have a battle of Usugrow Hoodies. One is from Upper Playground right here in SF and the other is direct from Secret Base in Tokyo. Both are thick and very high quality. But each have their pros and cons too. The Secret Base version above is slightly less fluffy but still very thick if that makes any sense and feels pretty good. I got an XL due to Japanes sizing. The embrodery is more intricate but it's in gold. Finally it cost a grip. I paid over twice as much for it including shipping. But it's Secret Base and to be expected and also it's the Bee. One of the best Usugrow designs IMO.

IMG_4929 400x599

IMG_4925 400x599

The Upper Playground version is very comfy and thick. The sword design in front and skull on the back is very cool, but not as iconic a design as the Bee. But at $90, it's a deal and a half. It's a toss-up, but I would have to recommend the UP version to anyone who is thinking about which one to get. You can't beat the quality and details for this kind of price anywhere.

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