Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bob Conge's Bank America

bankamericaP1-5 400x331

I'm a fan of Bob Conge. His new sculp is a slight departure from his usual works and I like it. Visually, this piece is the most "normal" looking creature i've seen from him. The two-faced pig with the Banker's mask but greedy death underneath. Unsuspecting home buyers making minimum wages buying $300k houses suckle at the pig's teet while the Banks shit on our dreams. Perhaps with all the banks going under, this pig is bacon?

"BANK AMERICA (come suckle on the tit of credit)"

This sculpt was started 6 months ago ( long before the BAIL OUT ) and was inspired by the blatant greed and unfair loan-shark type fees and interest rates charged by American banks. It is just short of theft ! With this piece I want to express the true image of the bank beneath the placid mask of business as usual. The bank takes your money and then shits on your dreams ( the accessory is a green dump on a glass hart ).

bankamericaP1-4 400x340

It is a unique cast urethane custom from my original sculpt. Measuring 12" long X 6" high X 4.5" wide with glass inset eyes, rubber baby bottle nipples and red glass hart with dump accessory. It will be available soon from the Plaseebo website.

bankamericaP1-3 400x346

bankamericaP1-2 400x312

bankamericaP1- 400x293

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