Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Super 7 Upcoming Attractions!!!

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I'm a bit behind on the Super7 annoucements so I thought I would bang them out and get you all up to speed in one handy post.


Super7 is joining long-time friends and collaborators Secret Base for a step forward with a nod back. Following in the footsteps of the now classic Secret Base 'Kaiju Spray' releases is the S7 x SB Kaiju Spray FrankenBrain! Combining the body of Super7's Frankenghost with the head (and inner head) of Secret Base's iconic fight figure, the Skull Brain, this blind-packaged release is cast in glow in the dark vinyl with fluorescent pink, green or orange spray.


Martin and Skinner:
Get ready for a heavy metal blowout! Hard rockin artists Martin Ontiveros and Skinner are teaming up for a mind-exploding art show at Super7, titles 'Our Salvation is Your Fiery Death'!! Opening night is November 22nd

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Pasadena's Vinyl Toy Network returns for its 6th show this December and Super7 will be there! VTN is the only convention dedicated exclusively to bringing the creators and collectors of designer toys together. Super7 is pleased to offer a brand new version of our store mascot, the adorable Mummy Boy as a VTN exclusive.

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