Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Itokin Park Collection of Saint of Spinners!!

2887385685_6dfd5c5cc9_o 400x299

But it's collection shots like this that make me want more Itokin Park!! Courtesy of fellow Skullbrainer Saint of Spinners. I officially hate you. Gimme your Itokin Park. Especially the Paul Kaiju customs... wonderful stuff here.

2887385681_931723e24f_o 400x299

2887385695_deb2173933_o 400x299

2887385689_96255e82e7_o 400x533

2887385701_acf619bfa6_o 400x533

2887385705_b10760f622_o 400x533

3035461750_5b6b60854f_o 400x533

3034624549_8680e53da2_o 400x299

3034624119_f8e86321ce_o 400x266

2906932555_9c7f8df377_o 400x219

1 comment:

Sjors Trimbach said...

That 'dotted' one... probably Pauls?

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