Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Bwana Spoons Gargamel Customs: Freedom Gang!

3012139762_0decc5afe5_o 400x269

Check out the latest customs from Bwana Spoons. This collection was released last week and called "Freedom Gang"...!! If you go to his Webstore, you might find a couple of gems still available!!!

3012140002_e70837f1ac_o 400x670

3012139552_37b87e162e_o 400x609

3011303397_1fa3270b04_o 400x660

3011303135_64eabc671c_o 400x619

3011303575_6a3b79e264_o 400x620

3011303483_94fa96f213_o 400x540

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