Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Atomic Mushroom Combat-R Zero Ready to DEPLOY!!!!

IMG_2681 400x599

The dream of one Robert De Castro has finally been realized! His toy company Atomic Mushroom is now online and accepting orders for the amazing Combat-R Zero Robot. I have been looking forward to this toy since forever and my other toys are shivering on the shelf as these guys approach! When my set arrived in a TV size box, I knew this was serious business. Although I have seen size comparison shots, nothing prepares you for the mass of vinyl that is Combat-R Zero. Not only are these guys HUGE, they are HEAVY. They are 2 or 3 pounds each!! Best toy value pound for pound out there. In hand, they feel solid, they look amazing, the quality is very high, paint applications very good. Nice articulation. I'm a fan and so should you be. I'm bummed that there are no clears, but really looking forward to future colorways or even better, a VILLIAN Mech!! Congrats Robert for making a dream become reality!!!

IMG_2610 400x599

IMG_2620 400x599

Size comparison to Bigaro

IMG_2623 400x599

IMG_2634 400x599

IMG_2630 400x599

IMG_2641 400x599

IMG_2648 400x599

IMG_2645 400x599

IMG_2649 400x599

IMG_2657 400x599

IMG_2660 400x599

IMG_2667 400x599

IMG_2664 400x599

IMG_2673 400x266

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