Monday, March 24, 2008

RealxHead Mini Easter Egg Hunt at Super 7!!!

IMG_1037 400x533

Happy Easter everyone!! Last Saturday, the crew at Super7 decided it would be fun to hide 10 mini RealxHead figures inside the store and stage an Easter Egg Hunt!!!!

The hardcore show up early (again)un-aware of the Easter treat in store for us!!

IMG_0994 400x533

The flippers even have their kids camping out in line...jk

IMG_1006 400x533

IMG_1021 400x533

OG Locomoco and Bryanarchy try to calm the newbs down...

IMG_1012 400x533

IMG_1023 400x299

RELEASE the hounds!!!

IMG_1033 400x533

IMG_1027 400x533

Frances is digging hard for those minis!

IMG_1034 400x533

Manmachine and Gatchabert score!!

IMG_1036 400x533

IMG_1043 400x533

Ben is the luckiest...most hated collector on the planet at this moment.

IMG_1041 400x533

IMG_1038 400x299

Lots of laughing from the staff...

IMG_1032 400x533

So good, Hiro can taste it!

IMG_1055 400x533

Bero Bero wants to buy too!!

IMG_1046 400x533

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