Monday, March 03, 2008

Mad Rush of Real x Head Minis!!!

mini_rxh_header_by_eleben 400x200

mini_mutant_and_chaos3 400x348

RealxHead has been on a fast and furious pace releasing new colorways of their new minis. While I LOVE minis and nothing could make me happier than more minis, I am a bit surprised they are coming out so fast. Many of the collectors are having a hard time keeping up. Picture above courtesy of xoconostle. Great Pic Dean!! Mini RxH header card above mocked up by Ben Seto!!

First announced just several weeks ago, the minis released thus far include:

Black Chaosman with green splatter
Black Chaosman with red scarf
Black Mutant Chaos with black scarf chase
Red Mutant Chaos
Black Mutant Head with green splatter
Light Green Mutant Head with white spots
Set of Black Mutant Chaos with colored spray and matching eyes
Astro Zombies Mutant Chaos

Let me know if I missed any. Even if you count the rainbow set as one release, that's eight mini figures released in the last eight weeks. That's one a week!! Pictures of most of the minis above released later this week.

2302417876_c851d13b25 400x533

So when the following pictures of even more RxH Minis were released just this weekend, including the Mutant Evil and Bigaro sculps, I was excited, delighted, but concerned as well. Too many minis too soon? Many believe so, but I say bring 'em on. I would purchase the entire RxH colorways in mini form just about. Especially, especially the clears. I'm concerned because if i'm spending all my toy buget on RxH minis (and I will), this does not leave much for any other toy lines. At $40 each, they are not inexpensive either. They cost almost as much as a regular size figure so it's not like you can buy more minis cause they cost less. I'm also concerned because to a certain extent, RealxHead is potentially cannabalizing the rest of their lines. A collectors toy budget is pretty finite. If were buying up all the RxH minis, it means we can't buy other toy lines, but we can buy other RxH figures either.

2301623575_b556f806e1 400x533

2301624637_e84e6ee657 400x299

So what's behind the sudden rash of RxH minis? Sources close to the situation say that the new RealxHead retail store is driving much of this sudden output. The store is about an hour outside of Tokyo so you are going out of your way to get to the store. If you visit the store, you want to be able to buy something. I believe Mori wants something new and interesting for those that make the trip to purchase everytime they visit. This means more releases. This is good and bad for the hardcore collector. Good because we potentially get more minis, but bad because there are too many too fast. Thanks Datadub for the rad pics!!!

2301623241_6accb0fbda 400x533

2302417536_a594c9fc51 400x533

So we just got the bomb on the mini Mutant Evil and Bigaro above. Now super collector Maxaltoman in Japan adds these photos....!!! OMG!!!

2304667922_29018582f9 400x299

Jyrinco Mutant Head Mini?? C'mon!! That is too crazy and just as rare as his older sibling too! ugh!

2303866263_71fe0ef845 400x299

2303866239_bfe70158af 400x299

I think the frustrating part for many of us is that if these minis are just as hard to get as their rare full-size versions, that's no fun. It just drives us crazy to know there are only 10 ever made. As Glenn said it so well: "Fewer releases, larger runs...."

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Anonymous said...

What's with the lame wood grain headers for the mini mutants when there's the illustrations of the mini mutants like the large mutants header??? Anyone else agree?

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