Sunday, March 16, 2008

Itokin Park Himalan New Colorway!!!


My favorite new Japanese Designer Itokin Park has a new colorway of his chunky Himalan character. It's called "Ghost Himalan" and as you can see is GID and clear green vinyl. Expect it to drop in April for 6,000 yen. Limited to 44 pieces. You will be able to purchase at One Up.

new_color_2 (2) 400x400

j3 400x419

Here are some pics of the last release, Glacier Himalan. White and clear blue vinyl. Love this guy!!

IMG_2525 400x599

IMG_2516 400x599

IMG_2522 400x599

IMG_2528 400x599

IMG_2519 400x599

The first thing I thought when I received the Himalan is how huge this guy is!! He feels like a bowling ball in your hand. So I took these pictures to try and give you a sense, but in comparison to the Ghostfighter, he doesn't look that big at all. I guess it's just his girth that is enormous. In any case, this guy is big...

IMG_2529 400x599

IMG_2531 400x599

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GavinR said...

love it. gimme.

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