Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bullmark Oil Slick Mecha Godzilla!!!!

IMG_2372 400x599

I'm not that big of a Godzilla fan, but I do dig Mecha Godzilla. Who doesn't right? So when Glenn gave me a screaming deal at WonderCon on this bad boy, I couldn't turn it down. Thanks Glenn! It has this very subtle rainbow paint application on top of this light blue/silver base that is just amazing. Kinda reminds me of an oil slick you see in the sunlight. very cool....

IMG_2384 400x599

IMG_2382 400x599

IMG_2380 400x599

IMG_2374 400x599

IMG_2373 400x599

IMG_2386 400x599

IMG_2376 400x599

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