Sunday, March 16, 2008

Super 7 Saturday!!!

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After we crashed Super7's servers the other day trying to get our grubby hands on a very limited supply of the latest bag of RealxHead, word was that we had one last chance for a couple of figures saved for in-store release on Saturday. So it was appropriate that this last Saturday was the first documented "Sleep Over" in front of Super 7. Congratulations Melek Taus for being that much more hardcore....!!!

Although Setyourgoals and Shannon do get props for bringing out the chairs!

IMG_0935 400x533

IMG_0942 400x533

So, what's all the fuss? What were we camping out for? Kamen Rider V3 Evil, Clear Mini Chaos with rainbow spray and GID Oni Head....

IMG_0945 400x533

IMG_0952 400x533

IMG_0951 400x533

IMG_0953 400x533

IMG_0943 400x299

Autopsy is looking at Ben and thinking "What are you doing?"

IMG_0949 400x533

St. Paddy's Day Ghostfighter!!!

IMG_0954 400x533

Uber Limited un-painted St. Paddy's Ghostfighter

IMG_0957 400x533

Hardcore: Melek Taus, Autopsy, Ben, Whthalo

IMG_0961 400x533

IMG_0964 400x533

IMG_0969 400x533

It's a thing of beauty

IMG_0974 400x533

Whoa! What's this? Super 7 Exclusive Sky Deviler!!

IMG_0978 400x533

No...No....Let me go!! I don't want to grow out my hair...!!!

IMG_0981 400x533

I'm outta here!!!

IMG_0983 400x533

Staff Pick of the week:

IMG_0986 400x533

IMG_0989 400x299

Joe's Giant Kanegon!

IMG_0991 400x533

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