Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gargamel New Ojo Rojo and Mini Zag!!!

ojogreen3 400x532

Gargamel just announced two new releases slated for March 30th. The first is a production painted Ojo Rojo designed by Martin Ontiveros. Boy is this guy green. It's very striking....but very green. Jolly Green Giant green. Nonetheless, I love it. It definitely looks like something Martin would paint. My only suggestion to Gargamel is to make enough to satisfy demand. I seriously am still recovering from the nervous breakdown I suffered when the clear Ojo Rojo and subsequent custom Ojo Rojos were released.

ojogreen1 400x532

ojogreen2 400x532

ojogreen4 400x532

Second up is this blue, gold and black Mini Zag. Can't go wrong with this colorway....c'mon!!!

mini blue zag3 400x532

minibluezag2 400x532

mini blue zag1 400x532

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