Monday, March 10, 2008

Studio Halfeye Fully Transformable Shin Getter 1 Metallic


It's been some time since i've covered anything new from Studio Halfeye. Maybe it's because I haven't quite forgiven them for my last purchase. But times have changed and perhaps in retrospect, I was expecting too much. I mean, how could you fit a fully transforming robot into just four inches?? It's impossible unless compromises are made. So here I am checking out this latest fully transforming Shin Getter 1 in all it's metallic glory. I'm a sucker for metallic paint. Looks pretty cool. But at $275 bucks, it better be damn good....due later this month.

shin1m_ff 400x533

shin1m_r_01 400x533

shin1m_d_04 400x299

shin1m_d_03 400x299

shin1m_g_e_01 400x299

shin1m_g_j_02 400x299

shin1m_g_b_02 400x299

shin1m_t_02 400x299

shin1m_t_10 400x533

shin1m_a_05 400x299

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