Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Custom Squirm by Bwana Spoons...Takoyaki Anyone???

2332722024_e0ac8c9170_o 400x710

From Bwana Spoons Flickr: this week I did a ten pack of squirm customs. I think these lady tako work the takoyaki stands. #4 was too sloppy and lost her job. #5 is a part time taxi driver. Do you know that some cabs have automatic doors? Did you know that squirms have up to 4 faces? These ones are buff. the yhave some old tattoo. maybe they were bouncers before takoyaki makers.

2332720782_e91327ea0c_o 400x446

2332720378_6acb2a4cc7_o 400x488

2332719542_9a82be320d_o 400x463

2332719204_dfa9c85647_o 400x465

2332718816_9e4827d0f0_o 400x468

2332718434_a295fba074_o 400x449

2332718060_92cfcaeb10_o 400x440

2331894979_bd8a6c9e6e_o 400x468

2331894537_890a902247_o 400x510

2331893163_cefce0f429_o 400x512

2332722150_37d24458fb_o 400x225

2332722298_56f674edd5_o 400x225

2330719404_c9bc576a9c_o 400x225

2329893413_c4c7c1b243_o 400x225

2330719120_a053916894_o 400x225

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